Newfoundland Concert

Cailin na Gaillimhe sung by choir with our Irish dancers.

Our school was invited to take part in a concert in July at Newtown Church.  St. John’s choir from Newfoundland came over to visit after four years. They sang a mixture of songs which everybody loved.  Our school then performed a medley of Irish and English songs, with Irish dancing, piano and violin recitals. The school got a standing ovation! We were thrilled with the turnout of children especially when it was during the holidays.

St John’s Choir from Newfoundland

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Student of the Year

Congratulations to all our students who were named Student of the Year in their class. They got this award the day of the summer holidays in June- one student for each class.  It’s a great honour to get this award as only eight students in each class can be awarded this in their  Primary school years. Well done to you all!

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Fota school tour

Infants to second class went on their school tour the Monday of the Summer holidays. We travelled all the way to Fota Wildlife Park. What a scorcher it was!  We put on loads of sun cream and drank plenty of water.

We had a talk about the animals while we walked around the Wildlife Park.  Did you know that hippos use the mud as a suncream?? We didn’t!

We went into the woods and hunted for insects with pooters- it was great fun. We used sticks to shake them from the trees and sucked them into the container. We were starving for our lunch then! All too soon, it was time to leave.  Some of us said it was the best school tour ever!


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Sports fun day

We had our sports day the day before the holidays. It was a really hot day!  We had to come inside for our breaks instead of going out!

All the classes had sprints, egg and spoon race, two-legged race and wheelbarrow races.  It was great fun!

Later on there was a soccer tournament for each class, basketball games and stations.

Mrs Foskin hired a Five in One activity centre from First Class Castles.

Each class got a turn on it.  Our parents came to watch and brought sun chairs and rugs.  The older classes had a penalty shoot-out, which was great fun and won by Cillian. There are lots more photos on Class Dojo for parents to see!

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